Where Will You Go?


​Young Life Expeditions will follow country and local guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.

As a mission, we take great care to monitor our international ministry fields, to support our national and expatriate staff and to assess the risks assumed by any of our Expeditions. ​

The following is a list of policy points that we take into consideration when determining the safety of our foreign fields as they pertain to U.S. based travelers and our willingness as a mission to sponsor official travel to these countries through Young Life. ​

  • ​​Prior to approving travel to a particular YL International field, your planning team will consult with the respective YL Vice President, Regional director, National director and national staff regarding safety and risk issues for your destination.
  • Divisional coordinators carefully review and monitor the U.S. State Department Travel Alerts and Warnings posted on their main website - www.travel.state.gov.
  • Young L​ife contracts with an international travel organization called Healix​ which monitors current affairs in each country around the world. Young Life strictly adheres to Healix’s safety rating protocol and recommendations. Healix provides information on varying travel safety factors in each country including political and medical risk ratings. Also, YL staff ​ remain in close contact with the national staff and senior leadership of the various countries where Young Life Expeditions sends teams.
  • Trip leaders are expected to watch a travel safety video (it will take about an hour) available here. Please use the YL Policy number: YNGLFE18496 for viewing.
  • Expeditions serving on international fields will always be accompanied and chaperoned by our local staff who know the country best; the roads, places to avoid (if any), best times to travel, safest lodging facilities, etc.
  • Expeditions will always use private or pre-arranged transportation while within their host country. Expedition participants will not travel alone while abroad, but will be escorted by staff or trusted volunteers. All Expeditions will be picked up and returned to airports by private and/or trusted transportation and will always be with our local Young Life staff or volunteers.
  • Expeditions will only lodge at facilities well-known and trusted by our U.S. and national staff.
  • The Expeditions staff will always provide trip leaders contact information for the local hosting staff well ahead of the team’s trip. The trip leader can then pass this information on to parents, friends, church or Young Life staff who might like to monitor and track the team while they are serving overseas. Additionally, our U.S. based Expeditions staff can always be reached via email or phone throughout the duration of a team’s travel.
  • Young Life Expeditions requires that each person provide proof of insurance prior to the start of your trip. Your policy must have a minimum of $35,000 of medical coverage and $100,000 of evacuation coverage, applicable while you are on your trip. Most U.S. insurance companies do not cover policy holders while traveling overseas. ​ Expeditions can help you enroll for insurance for the duration of your trip and make sure you are covered for any unexpected medical or travel issues. ​ Ultimately, the participant is fully responsible for all costs associated with any issues while traveling. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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