About Expeditions


Young Life Expeditions helps connect ministries and people together. Through short term opportunities we help bridge the distance between individuals and organizations here in the States and our Young Life staff and volunteers all around the world. From local Young Life Area staff and volunteers to churches and partner organizations, we help you partner with our cross cultural ministries to reach a world of kids.

Expeditions handles the majority of the logistics that goes into serving and traveling internationally; from travel and safety, to accounting, and itinerary details as well as offering training materials.  


​God Is At Work!


God is already using our brothers and sisters in nations long before we get there and long after we leave. Yet, in the wonderful economy of God, we have an opportunity to play a role. We can carry our time, talents and treasure to sustain what is already in place as well as offer resources and encouragement to enable new construction and new ministry to take root. Will you join us?​


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Phone: 504-453-6510

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