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Bridge Building

God is using us to connect the Body of Christ in the powerful and prosperous nation of the United States with those living in need; economically, physically and spiritually.  We know when more and more of fellow Believers meet the children of God the world over, they will be moved to respond and leverage their own lives and all the Lord has given them so that countless more around the globe might know the depth of His love. 


By administering and deploying short-term service teams which serve in practical and beneficial ways so that our brothers and sisters around the world might be empowered to reach their own for Christ.  In this way, we ensure the greatest possibility for long-term fruitful ministry to take place.  The Lord is using our brethren in these nations long before we get there and long after we leave.  Yet…in the wonderful economy of the Lord, we have a role to play.  We are building the bridges that connect the global Body of Christ.   Together we are carrying the resources to sustain what’s already in place and to begin new construction.  On the other side of these bridges hundreds of like-minded laborers are being equipped and empowered to reach thousands of souls….the disciples of this present generation…..and the next generation of world changers for Christ.

What Do We Need?

We so often forget that in order for a bridge to be built, God must call forth bridge-builders!  The Young Life Expeditions staff are those builders.    We need other members of the Body of Christ to stand with us, to undergird us, to leverage their own resources to help sustain us.  To help us realize this call and vision….together. 


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