Young Life Serves FAQ

How do I sign my area or region up?
If you would like to participate, please contact Young Life Expeditions to request a packet of information and to have your area/region listed on the sign up page. One of our Expeditions staff will give you a call (or email) to welcome you, check in, and make sure you have everything you need to pull off a Serve Day. The packet will include information like a sample day schedule, possible work projects, your responsibilities, people needed to make the day great, and etc. To request an info packet, please click here.

What if I have friends in another area or region that I think should participate?
Great! This is very much a grassroots effort to get the mission of Young Life engaged in service on MLK Day. Please feel free to forward this information along to other areas or regions; we would love to have them participate!

Why is there a fee to participate?
The amount will be up to the hosting area. It is designed to cover food, supplies, and hopefully a donation towards the area’s/region’s campership fund. If you get all of your supplies covered and don’t want to charge a fee, that’s fine with us.

How/When will participants pay the fee? 
The fee can be collected in whatever way best serves your area or region. Our suggestion is to have leaders collect the fee from their students and bring it with them to the YL Serve day. However, this means you will have to front the cost of lunch and supplies from your area or region.


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