Why Expeditions?

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Expeditions staff are ambassadors for cross-cultural Young Life ministries; everything they do flows out of that mission. They’re often asked why people should utilize the Expeditions office. Here’s why.



  • Expeditions works in conjunction with senior leadership and staff in international an domestic regions and U.S. areas to determine the how, what, when, where and why of strategic and appropriate service.

Calendar Management

  • Expeditions has a "30,000-foot view’' of a region’s calendar and can direct teams where the need is greatest.

Cultural and Spiritual Prep

  • Trip leaders are equipped with team meeting preparation plans, cross cultural training, articles, books. Expeditions staff invests a good deal of time communicating with trip leaders on this topic. 


  • Expeditions offers comprehensive fundraising guidance to trip leaders and trip participants. 
  • Expeditions process funds so all costs associated with travel are tax deductible. Most areas don't have the capacity or nuanced understanding of the IRS laws regarding travel and service.
  • Expeditions offers online fundraising capabilities.
  • The Expeditions service center accounts typically have the cash flow to be able to either pay for a team’s expenses prior to travel or wire funds in advance, allowing staff to arrange for lodging, transportation etc.  They are able to alleviate the burden of a team traveling with large amounts of cash or incurring personal expenses by arranging for the host staff to manage the funds in advance.


  • Expeditions staff has consistent communication with Regional leadership and national field staff and upcoming trip details and needs are part of our ongoing conversations. Because we've coordinated teams many times to the various locations oft times we are able to answer questions so as to allow national staff to continue to do their full time jobs of reaching out to kids in their communities.


  • All teams traveling with Expeditions are entered into the Young Life contracted global security organization ISOS. Staff monitor alerts and warnings and help handle claims when Young Life's secondary insurance policy takes effect.
  • Expeditions ensures that every traveler completes the consent form and requires participants under the age of 18 to have a notarized consent form by both parents when traveling outside the U.S.
  • Expeditions has created crucial travel safety training for teams that folks might not typically think of when traveling.

Travel Assistance

  • ​Expeditions handles flight arrangements with trusted travel professionals.​​​​​​​


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