Why Go?

Time and time again, God uses Expeditions to transform hearts and minds on both sides of the equation. But don't take it from us, listen to our friends who both host Expeditons teams in their communities​ or go, see and engage themselves ... we're sure you'll agree!​​
​“Words cannot describe how much it meant to our ministry to have the Expeditions team serve with us. The new club space was the talk of the town. 
We have more kids coming to club than ever before. 
​It was such a blessing for our leaders
to spend time with leaders from the U.S.;
​the friendships formed will last a lifetime.”
— Ivan Penafiel, National Director
Young Life Ecuador

"It has really changed how we do ministry back in Athens. I truly believe that it is the absolute best thing we do as a leadership body. One of our stated principles for our area is that we would love each other in such a way that others would take note. Nothing draws our body together, nothing creates deep friendship, nothing unites us in Christ like this yearly trip. This experience forces us out of our comfort zone.
We serve side by side. We witness Christ in another culture and another language.
Leaders come home changed! It's such a powerful experience in the lives
of our people! We have to go every single year ... no question about it!"
Bart Scarborough Area Director in Athens, Ga.

“Their hearts and minds were transformed while they served the local community. “This school has had over 200,000 kids walk through its doors and it showed. We got to work and cleaned every single locker in the whole school, as well as every desk and seat with sanitizer. While doing so we sang, danced and rocked out to songs with each other, rags and sanitizer bottles in hand. The love was so strong, you could feel it. It was beautiful to see how our love for The Lord could pour out into complete strangers ... As we were leaving, the head janitor told the Memphis Young Life Area Director that in all his years working at Central High School, no one had ever offered to help them clean.”
— Ellie Lough

​“Expeditions was a beautiful experience that boosted the encouragement of a small band of people who care about their Appalachian community in rural West Virginia. The presence of 21 energetic
Jesus loving workers was a blessing that the community literally could not believe until they saw
what the team accomplished. It was awesome!”
— Scott Berg, Regional Director

"My experience on an Expedition shaped me as I pursued school and career. I found such joy and was so challenged by serving others and making friends with people outside the comforts of my own world." — Chelsea Brown

"Our time together was just the most fantastic week of mission and evangelism I have yet
experienced among the youth in Scotland in my life. Over 23 years ago I became a Christian and I have been a pastor for 13 years and over these years I have seen fewer and fewer teens coming to
faith in Christ. However in just five or six days I witnessed … an incredible week filled with laughter, excitement, sports and adventure that I would have scarcely believed possible."
Cammy MacKenzie, pastor in Scotland


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