Summer Staff & Work Crew Teams Needed

We are looking for teams to help serve as summer staff / work crew for Young Life and WyldLife camp weeks across Europe. These can be high school, college aged, adult or multi-generational teams. 

Flexibility is key for these teams as you will fill many of the "traditional" roles of work crew and summer staff while also helping the staff and leaders put on an amazing week of Young Life camp. In addition to a week of service you will have the opportunity to build in some time for touring. 

We are looking for teams to serve in Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Portugal​, Scotland, Spain​ and beyond! Most of the opportunities are in July and August 2020. 

Approximate cost is $2,500 which includes airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation, camp costs and a ministry donation.

If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities please email Mike Miller or fill out our Group Inquiry Form​
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