Young Life Summer Camp Internships

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Cairn Brae, our Young Life camp in Scotland, is looking for camp interns to serve next summer.

Intern positions include: Guest Services, Waterfront, Retail / Snack bar, Kitchen, Medical and Video. 

  • Currently active as a ministry leader in Young Life International or other Christian ministry.
  • Past experience on work crew and summer staff at a Young Life International property or some other camping ministry preferred. 
  • Completed at least two years of college or are at least 20 years of age.
  • Applicant must presently have the right to work as a volunteer in the UK or has to have a visa, which we can help with. 
Summer 2019 Application

In addition to the internships at Cairn Brae we are looking for a team of interns to serve across Europe. See below for more details.    

​Europe Camp Intern Program 

The intern program is an intense cultural and service missions experience in Young Life. Interns will play a vital role in our summer camping ministry and are committed to Christ first and foremost. They have the ability to lead others, serve with excellence, and a desire to be challenged and grow in their relationships with Christ.

Camp interns will join assigned teams and work crew/summer staff to serve Christ, kids, and each other. They will also have the opportunity to grow as leaders in ministry, develop
Christlike relationships, and enjoy the fun and beauty of Central/East Europe.


  • Currently active as a ministry leader in Young Life or other Christian ministry
  • Past experience on summer staff or work crew at a Young Life camp

  • Completed at least one year of university and will be at least 20 years of age

  • Be financially responsible for costs of missions experience. Fundraising coaching available. (Approximately $4,000 + flight. Includes: camp fees, transportation, retreat costs, meals, city visits and ministry donations.)​

Ready to take the next steps for planning an Expedition? Email Mike Miller or simply fill out the Group Inquiry Form and one of our staff will contact you. 

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