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Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area. It is the world's ninth most populous nation with 143 million people. Worldwide, Russia ranks as one of the highest in suicides, alcoholism and abortions. More than 50 percent of Russian children are born into poverty, with more than 2.5 million homeless children and more than 800,000 orphans. The number of orphanages has increased by more than 100 percent in the last decade with at least 2,176 in existence today. Russia is a leading source of child trafficking for purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation.
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Recognizing the plight of the youth of Russia, Young Life started ministry in Moscow in 1992 and has expanded to include 12 cities and rural areas. They focus on the orphaned and homeless street kids, and the more than 617,000 children of Russia with disabilities. With the Health Ministry reporting that a stunning 60 percent of the country's youth are in poor physical or psychological health, Young Life national staff and volunteers give tremendous support to these needy children. In contrast to this backdrop of so much negativity and darkness in these young people's lives, Young Life Russia offers hope and life to adolescents through mentoring, scholarships and ministry.
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Trip opportunities :

We can arrange your travel through our Missions Travel consultant who may be able to get humanitarian fares which can significantly lower the cost.  We will arrange for your visa through our processor and handle all or your ground transportation. You can include sight-seeing days in Moscow or St. Petersburg with our English speaking staff.  Your service trip is tax deductible - please contact us for more details.

St. Petersburg - Camp dates for now are 7th - 13th of July. This will be an English camp and friends should arrive 2 days before the camp and can leave 2 days after the camp.  This will be a wonderful camp on a lovely property outside of St. Petersburg - come help our leaders teach simple English to the kids, give them an introduction to our culture with stories and games.

Krasnodar - Camp dates for now are middle of July - we are waiting on confirmation on the camp property reservation and hope to have it soon. Again, best to arrive 2 days prior to camp and leave 2 days after.  This will be an amazing camp by the Black Sea with many kids from the city and surrounding villages, as well as some from the local orphanage.  Krasnodar can be accessed by plane or train from either Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Lipetsk - Camp dates for now are 4th - 8th of August. Friends should arrive 3-4 days before the camp and can leave two days after the camp. This camp will be by the Voronezh River and will include kids from all around the area the city.  Lipetsk be accessed by train from either Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Novocherkassk -  Camp dates for now are mid of July - confirmed dates TBD. Friends should arrive 3-4 days before the camp and can leave two days after the camp. The camp will be held near beautiful Rostov on Don, which is accessible by train or plane from Moscow.

For more deatiled information, contact Carrie Fraser at and check out the FSU Website​!


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