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We’re excited you’re embarking on an Expedition with Young Life. Expeditions manages all the details of your trip with Managed Missions. If you need help finding particular documents take a look in your Trips Details Page under Documents.  If you can't locate what you need please contact your trip leader or your Expeditions staff. 

Traveler Prep Guide​ - a comprehensive planning guide for your upcoming YL Expedition
Consent Form for Youth​​ (if you are under 18 the day you leave for an Expedition, you need this one.  Please note, both parents need to sign and an official state notary must stamp and sign).
Pre-Trip Cancellation Coverage is available for an additional fee, on request, which would help cover in case of illness, death or other life events.  Contact our office to get a quote for this coverage ( or 888.963.4443.)  

Lean In and Learn...

At Expeditions, we’re always asking the vital question "Why Go?" There are some good books on the topic of service and generosity listed here on our Recommended Book List​​Also below are several articles addressing the topic of short-term missions, providing a great starting point for robust conversations.                                                                                                                                                                               
"The Good Missionary" – Leadership Journal May 2014
Letter to a Short-Term Missionary from Bob Lupton, Author of ToxicCharity   
"Why Loving the Poor Changes You" by Kelly Minter 
"Experiencing Life at the Margins" by Andy Couch 
​​​David Platt, author of Radical
speaks to our heart in Expeditions: 
"This kind of movement involves all of us. Every single follower of Christ fishing for men. Every single disciple making disciples. No more spectators. Instead, ordinary people spreading the gospel in extraordinary ways all over the world.” 

We're starting to compile a film list for discussions within teams prior to travel.  Below are a few films offering good discussion points regarding engaging and connecting within unfamilar cultures. Send us your recommendations...and some popcorn!
  • Poverty Inc
  • Million Dollar Arm
  • McFarland USA
  • The Mission
  • The Good Lie
  • Slum Dog Millionaire
  • Blood Diamond (Rated R for violence)


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