Serve in Peru with Young Life Expeditions

peru flag.jpgYoung Life has been operating in Peru for the better part of a decade, mainly in the Lima area, with ministries to both poor and middle class communities.


Groups will work on projects that benefit and serve the local Young Life areas in Lima, as well as on projects in rural local neighborhoods. Additionally, groups may choose to serve in the interior city of Pucallpa, near the Amazon region. Groups that travel to Pucallpa will serve at a school established for the disabled. El Refugio de Esperanza, or “The Refuge of Hope” is a place where disabled youth and adults learn vocational skills in the context of a Christ-centered community.

Watch this short video on the vision to reach more kids in Peru!

Groups might also serve as work crew for Young Life Peru outreach camps and visit local Young Life clubs. There will be opportunities for sightseeing at the conclusion of service trips. All trips include at least one day of sightseeing, recreation for group at local beach, in the mountains, etc. Trips to the famous ancient city of Machu Picchu can be arranged for approximately $780 extra per person.​


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