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Panama.pngYoung Life (Vida Joven) in Panama, established in 2009, is based in the capital's oldest remnants, the old capital city of Panama Viejo. As the city grew outward, Panama Viejo lingered in its shadow, fractured and impoverished. There, Thelma Fernandez leads a team of volunteers in an effort to raise the fruit of redemption from the brokenness of their community. Thelma has already had a full-time job as a youth worker in Panama and has spent significant time training with Young Life leaders in Costa Rica, as well as in the states. For Thelma and her team, loving kids means giving them a safe place to be kids, playing soccer with them, and forging friendships. Their club has only just gotten started, and they are committed to bring new life to a community's hurting heart.


Teams who choose to serve in Panama will have the opportunity to “live in the tension” that lies 
at the heart of the thriving and modern metropolis of Panama City and the communities that make up the city’s oldest remnants. Teams will experience the culture of Panama City, local Vida Joven clubs and participate in a meaningful project that supports the work of local staff and leaders.  

The staff in Panama are available to host teams during the U.S. spring break “season” (late February through the first week of April) and again during the summer season from June 1-August 15. 


Group Size:

15-30 persons, including leaders

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"How can you see the world as Christ sees the world, unless you've seen the world Christ sees?"​​
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