Serve in Oahu, Hawaii, with Young Life Expeditions

Young Life leaders in Oahu have a rich tradition of loving youth on their island. They have vibrant ministry going with many inner-city youth here.

An Expeditions team will be able to serve alongside Young Life in a variety of ways. They may help with work projects at Mokule'ia camp, the camp used for local WyldLife. They may get to pull weeds in a Loí which is a Hawaiian Taro patch and learn about and experience Hawaiian culture there They could help with tasks of local churches which support Young Life. They could run a fun event at the beach for kids in the housing projects. They could serve at the local dilapidated schools where Young Life does ministry.  They could also do painting, yard work or maintenance work for some elderly and low-income families.

The Aloha spirit is one you will never forget as you experience the culture, the beauty and the people of this incredible island while seeing God at work in the engaging ministry of Young Life here. You may also get the chance to go hiking to a waterfall and see beautiful sunsets.


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