Serve in New Orleans with Young Life Expeditions

New Orleans and Young Life

Young Life in New Orleans has a great partnership with Restoration Initiative and Culture (RICC). These two non-profits work together to serve their urban neighborhoods and bring wholeness to those who have experienced much devastation.

An Expedition team will be immersed in southern culture as they serve in various ways. They will have the chance to discuss urban issues and poverty while experiencing this firsthand.

Participants who take time and resources to see these ministries in action and help serve their community offer an enormous boost to Young Life in this region! We all need one another’s encouragement and love; Expeditions is one of the best ways to build bridges in God’s family!​

​​An Expedition team could serve in these capacities: They may help with light construction in homes devastated by storms. They could assist with homeless and rescue ministries. They could help with the elderly who need assistance with various projects and hear their stories. They could do prayer walks down Bourbon Street. 

Teams may get to meet Young Life kids in the area and spend time with Young Life staff. They may also spend time debriefing with the pastor of Canal Street Church. They will also enjoy worship here on Sunday in this multi-ethnic church.

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Ready to take the next steps for planning an Expedition? Simply fill out the Group Inquiry Form and one of our staff will contact you within two business days. 

​"How can you see the world as Christ sees the world, unless you've seen the world Christ sees?"​​


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