Serve in Molokai, Hawaii, with Young Life Expeditions

Hawaii flag.pngMolokai, Hawaii’s fifth largest island, has a population of just 7,000 people, 80 percent of whom are on welfare. As the most impoverished island in Hawaii, no fast food restaurants exist, no traffic lights, no chain stores, and no major industries. The need is apparent; poverty is a way of life. With a high percentage of its population being of Native Hawaiian ancestry visitors may feel like they are in a foreign country. It is an island lost in time, but the Aloha spirit indeed flourishes. 

The Young Life area here started club two years ago and is averaging 20-30 kids. With no money to bring on a staff person, Young Life club is run by volunteer leaders. They would love to receive more Young Life strategies, ideas, skits, mixers, games, talks, etc., from the mainland. But more than our input, they greatly need our encouragement in a place that seems so far away and forgotten.


An Expeditions team will not only bring potential skits and strategies, but also could make dinner for students before Young Life club and perhaps run club. The team will help promote Young Life and really be a blessing by serving in the community in various ways. This may include work at a taro patch, banana grove, women's shelter or the hospital where assistance is always needed. They may help in community homes and yards of the elderly. 
They will be available to serve in any ways to show the love of Jesus and strengthen the partnerships that Young Life has here.

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