Serve in the Middle East with Young Life Expeditions

Young Life started in the land where Jesus walked just a few years ago. In 2010, a Palestinian volunteer leader experienced a U.S. Young Life camp and traveled back to his homeland to start leading a Young Life club in the West Bank with Palestinian kids. In the summer of 2012, Hunter, Lauri and Haley Lambeth moved from Georgia to the region to begin a Young Life ministry in Nazereth and oversee the growing ministry.

Now there’s Young Life in Bethlehem, we have WyldLife clubs in two cities, Young Life College has been established in the Palestinian West Bank and we've had ministry in Be’er Sheva and a partner ministry in Tel Aviv.
The Lambeths lead a staff that is primarily indigenous, with several full- and part-time Palestinian and Israeli staff. Today, in both Israel and the Palestinian territories, both the indigenous staff and leaders, as well as their American counterparts, labor to love kids across the region’s diverse spectrum, reaching out to teens regardless of cultural, religious or ethnic status. Staff and leaders are making connections in the neighboring country of Jordan, which will hopefully lead to Young Life being launched in that nation before long. In the summer of 2016, more than 600 kids and leaders (from all three major religious cultural backgrounds) attended six camp weeks.


​​Teams will more than likely serve at one of our camps either with Capernaum or high school outreach. There may also be ways to serve in refugee camps depending on need. There will also be time integrated into your Expedition to experience the Holy Land, see the Gospels come alive, and experience the beauty of the land where Jesus Himself lived and walked.

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"How can you see the world as Christ sees the world, unless you've seen the world Christ sees?"​​


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