Serve in Jackson, Mississippi, with Young Life Expeditions

Jackson and Young Life

Young Life leaders in Jackson have a rich tradition of loving youth in the city! Vibrant ministry here serves kids in seven inner-city high schools led by a dynamic area director who has been on Young Life staff more than 15 years.

An Expedition team will be able to serve alongside Young Life in many  ways. Participants who take time and resources to come and see their ministry in action and help serve their community offer an enormous boost to Young Life in this region so that more kids can come to know Jesus Christ.

We all need encouragement and love; Expeditions is a great way to build bridges in God’s family!


An Expedition team will serve in a variety of ways. They could paint or do light maintenance in the homes of the elderly in the community. They may help with projects at a lake house where urban teens get away to go fishing. They may help clean in some neighborhood parks and have the option to do some prayer walks. They can attend Young Life club and will get time with kids, staff, leaders and one another.

You will experience incredible worship at New Horizon Church International and have lodging at a partnering ministry. You will be able to cook your meals and have a place to gather with your team. For fun you may go picnicking, fishing, skating or to a museum.

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​"How can you see the world as Christ sees the world, unless you've seen the world Christ sees?"​​
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