General Expeditions Policies

Young Life Expeditions Policies

2018– 2019



  • Deposit amounts are determined by the Young Life staff based on Expedition type and are non-refundable.  
  • Deposits will be applied to final costs.
  • For all groups, a group deposit will be required to reserve the space on the calendar.  This deposit will be applied to the final invoice, or returned to the group if a team is fully funded.  The deposit amount is $500.
  • The minimum deposit amount of $150 deposit per person must be made before a participant is considered part of the team.  This deposit must be noted in Managed Missions prior to the purchase of an air ticket for any individual.  The burden of ticketing costs for people who have not paid a deposit rests with the local YL area or organization leading the trip.


  • ​All payments are to be paid in full by the deadline specified by Young Life. If any deadlines are missed, the participant is responsible for any penalties or expenses. Any outstanding balances may be subject to an additional fee if not paid by the deadline.
  • The IRS allows travel related expenses with Expeditions to be tax deductible based on many factors.
  • Please note a person serving with Young Life Expeditions is fundraising for the overall team and not their own individual trip. If a team fundraises over the amount needed, excess funds will be directed at the discretion of Young Life Expeditions.



  • ​Each person is responsible for registering for their Expedition through the Managed Missions portal.  If the trip leader or other administrator opts to register people, they assume the responsibility of communicating YL policies and agreements based on those found in the Managed Missions registration system.
  • Young Life utilizes Managed Missions for all Expeditions online fundraising. This system is the ONLY online fundraising tool permitted for an Expedition.  (Websites like Go Fund-me and Crowd Rise are not allowed).



  • ​We do not offer reimbursements for passports, visas, baggage fees and immunizations.
  • Participants are responsible for obtaining any documents required for their participation in an Expedition such as a valid passport, all visas, vaccination certificates and any other documents.  Failure to obtain documents does not negate the terms, conditions and any extra costs incurred for rerouting or delay to travel.
  • Passports must have 6 months validity on them from the return date of the participant’s Expedition.
  • Health Requirements:  Participants must be in good physical and mental health.  Any physical condition, diet or treatment requiring special attention must be reported in writing in the Managed Missions application form. Young Life encourages participants to consult a doctor for specific medical advice about any activities or destinations.  Certain Expeditions may require that the participant obtain medical consent prior to departure as a condition of participation.



Young Life is unable to offer full refunds for Expeditions trips.

  • Individual deposit amounts will not be refunded to any participant.
  • If a cancellation is necessary, please keep these things in mind:
    1. ​​We can work to accommodate substitute travelers.  There may be additional costs associated with changes, depending on the airline rules and timing of substitution.
    2. Funds already raised will remain within their team's account, which is under the discretion of Young Life.
  • If there are political, security or natural disasters preventing a team or person from traveling, YL Expeditions' travel protection insurance provides $1000 in trip interruption coverage to offset costs.  Complete Travelex Insurance Description of Coverage is available.
  • Young Life offers trip cancellation coverage though Travelex.  If you'd like to purchase it, please contact us at​.
  • Airline tickets purchased are subject to the airline carrier’s policies.
  • Any donation refunds requests are at the discretion of Young Life.  Request for donation refunds must be requested through the Income Processing Department, via phone or email.



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