FAQ: (Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Expeditions!​

What Is Young Life Expeditions?​

As a division of Young Life International, Expeditions is all about reaching a world of kids! The Expeditions’ mission is to come alongside and serve Young life ministries that cross cultures around the globe and in the United States by developing relationships through short term service. We work with international and US ministries to create discipleship opportunities for the visiting teams and ministry growth for the hosting teams. Bottom line, adolescents are introduced to Jesus Christ and grow in their faith through Young Life Expeditions.


How Does It Work?

Typically we utilize short-term ministry partnerships to serve and assist the local international ministry. Imagine a group of young people from the US taking their time, energy and resources to an international location and befriending, serving, loving and learning with a group of young people there. Imagine the excitement of seeing two different cultures with different ways of expressing faith coming together to learn about God’s incredible goodness. Imagine the spiritual momentum that can be created in the lives of both groups. Both receive faith, care and hope and sees God in ways they never dreamed. Everyone comes away challenged to give more, love more and be more involved with God’s mission to the world.


What Exactly Does Expeditions Do In The Locations They Serve?

Typically, a team either provides either does a project within the community they’re visiting or provides work crew for a camp. Service can be a project like construction of homes or YL Club rooms. Maybe the project is renovation and improvement of current buildings or just odd jobs around an orphanage. Practical service allows us to show that we are committed to loving not just with our words but also with our hands.

Likewise, many of our teams serve as a work crew for an International Young Life Camp experience. Because there are very few International Young Life Camp properties, typically the camp f​acilities are rented hotels or hostels. They are simple, often rustic, but always adequate, safe and sufficient. Many campers have never traveled far from their homes and have never stayed somewhere apart from their family - this is a real adventure for them! Many of these kids leave camp eternally changed. Work crew service typically includes meal prep and clean up, preparing and facilitating activities, helping run the nightly club meetings, and maybe act crazy in a skit!  

Why Use Expeditions?

Expeditions is closely tied into the overall vision and mission of Young life in their particular region or division. We work closely with the staff and leadership of each region and we’re able to discern the best locations and ministries. Expeditions staff know the local staff and arranges logistical details with ease because of our ongoing relationships. Expeditions staff coordinators are your advocates. Think of a ministry partner that believes in you, prays for you, invites you and joins you. Expeditions can help you connect with these types of ministry relationships. These are win/win ministry partnerships designed to serve and protect everyone’s long-term ministry goals.

We know you are already serving at full capacity. That’s why Expeditions takes care of the details. We do everything from the application process, the travel logistics (airfare, lodging, passports, immunizations, visas, etc.), fundraising training, to helping you keep connected to these new international ministry partners. While we’re taking care of the details you are free to continue reaching out in your community.


How Much Do Expeditions Cost?

It depends on where you go and how long your stay. Airfare is the largest portion of your cost with the rest going to lodging, local transportation, food and projects costs. Expeditions range in cost from around $750 for some of our closer locations to over $3500 for some of our longer or further locales. You can find exact costs and fees in the details about each Expedition or by contacting one of our Expedition Regional Coordinators.


Does An Expedition Really Make a Difference?

Unequivocally YES! Both physical service projects and work crew service are designed to support the ministry vision and strategy of the local Young Life work. Projects often serve to help local YL leaders and staff gain a voice in the affected community, with the ultimate goal of furthering the opportunity for staff and volunteers to share the message of Christ with local youth. In this way, your group is contributing directly to the increase of God’s kingdom in your host country by helping expand and develop the local outreach efforts. Your service is crucial in our mission, with eternal implications! You will return to the United States knowing that our staff and volunteers have been empowered by your service to continue building relationships with local youth and sharing the Gospel with them on a day to day basis for years to come! 


Can An Expedition Come Serve My Local Area?

If your Young Life ministry would like to have a team of any size for a couple of days to a week come and serve alongside your area, let us know! We'll play matchmaker! Teams can come and spruce up a neighborhood park or paint some classrooms or help fix a family-in-need's home — anything we can do to help your ministry grow and be seen as a gift to your community! Just let us know by filling out this >>request form.​​​ ​You can be on Young Life staff here in the U.S. or anywhere around the globe and we'll try and find a team to come serve you. 


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