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​​Helping under-resourced kids become world changers

At Expeditions we believe every kid matters. Every kid should have the opportunity to experience the life-changing transformation that happens when serving others as Jesus taught us to do throughout Scripture. We know an experience with Expeditions changes people from the inside out. We want city kids and suburban kids, kids from the projects and from the plains, able-bodied kids and kids with disabilities. We want every kid to know that a relationship with Jesus means serving one another and serving the least of these … and that’s how we change the world. 

We’ve learned so often kids and their Young Life leaders in under-resourced areas want to serve in a cross-cultural setting but do not have access to people with funds to help support their Expedition. We never want funding to be the obstacle for kids to learn about service. So we’ve created the Expeditions Every Kid Scholarship Fund so we can begin to strategically offer Young Life leaders and local areas the opportunity to take their kids on an Expedition. 

"I had always really wanted to go to Africa, for one, to visit the Motherland. Africa had never really been glorified throughout my education and I thought I should take the opportunity to learn more about where my people came from for myself. But not only just for education purposes, I also wanted to help with something bigger than myself.
So serving on an Expedition to Africa was the perfect fit for me ...
Malawi taught me some crucial life lessons that I have continued to use in my everyday life.
Sometimes, if not all the time, we tend to take for granted and forget to appreciate the simple things not realizing the struggle other people have to go through just to survive.
Malawi has a great place in my heart and has helped me become the person I am today.

Thanks for the opportunity, Young Life Expeditions!"

— Kierra Porter, Howard University, Accounting major, Chicago, Illinois

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