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Ethiopia.gifYoung Life has a rich history in Ethiopia dating back to 1999 when Chuck and Linda Reinhold, Young Life veterans from the United States, moved into the neighborhood of Addis Ababa. Chuck began telling kids about the love of Jesus and teaching them leadership skills. Chuck also worked with the surrounding communities to identify, disciple and train Young Life leaders to work in this difficult neighborhood. From this beginning, it was demonstrated that the basic principles of Young Life work very well in an African culture and Young Life quickly took root in several neighborhoods and high schools in and around Addis Ababa. Young Life Expeditions has been sending Teams to Ethiopia since 2006. ​


Young Life Expeditions Ethiopia trips will have the opportunity to serve alongside of Young Life Ethiopia staff and volunteer leaders in Addis Ababa in one or more of the following ways:

  • Work crew for Young Life Ethiopia outreach or Campaigner camps
  • Community service projects (development of schools, clinics, Young Life Training Center)
  • Participate in local Young Life neighborhood clubs
  • Homestay visits, contact work with Young Life leaders in local neighborhoods
  • Assist Ethiopia staff with Young Life Leadership Training for local volunteer leaders
  •  Visit and serve at a local orphanage

Trip itineraries will generally center around seven to 10 days on the ground, hosted by local Young Life Ethiopia staff. The service component(s) of a trip will depend on current local ministry needs identified by our Ethiopia staff. Groups typically have a minimum of 10 people, including the trip leader. Potential groups should contact us to confirm available trip dates and flexibility as this information is continuously being updated and is subject to change.

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Ready to take the next steps for planning an Expedition? Simply fill out the Group Inquiry Form and one of our staff will contact you within two business days. 

"How can you see the world as Christ sees the world, unless you've seen the world Christ sees?"​


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