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Young Life or Vida Joven (as it is known in Spanish) began in the Dominican Republic in 1985. Today there are 28 active clubs ministering to over 1,000 kids each week. There are five full time staff, one part time staff, and 28 student staff members (Developing Global Leaders students) who help oversee and train 220 volunteer leaders and over 500 Campaigner kids. In 1998 Vida Joven acquired the land in Jarabacoa that became Pico Escondido - A Young Life Camp. In 2016 Vida Joven hosted six weeks of summer outreach camp with 1,153 campers and leaders in attendance.


A work trip usually begins and ends on a Saturday. Work teams are met at the airport by two Dominican Young Life staff members or volunteers who will serve as their hosts for the week. Teams then travel to a town to stay with the families of Vida Joven leaders and serve in a local area for two nights. Homestays are typically the most powerful part of the trip, as team members get to see what Young Life looks like in local areas. Teams will get to serve the community and get to see a close glimpse of the Young Life leaders in action — even attending a Young Life club. After the homestays, teams head to Pico Escondido to participate in work projects at camp. Much of Pico was built by work teams, and that tradition continues as the ministry continues to grow. Teams play a key role in improving camp according to the needs of the ministry. After a week of hard work, each team heads to the beach to rest and debrief before heading home.

Teams are asked to fly in and out of Santiago on a Saturday, if at all possible. Trip costs cover all transportation, food and housing during their stay in the country, as well as project costs and a ministry donation. Last year, over $17,000 went to camp scholarships from work teams! Thank you for joining us in Vida Joven ministry in the Dominican Republic!​



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