Serve in Delhi, India, with Young Life Expeditions

Young Life has had a presence in Delhi for the past several years, the ministry has been growing steadily and now has volunteer leaders and many have been touched by Young Life. 

People that take time and resources to come and see their ministry in action and help serve their community by doing a service project offer an enormous boost to Young Life in Delhi! We all need one another’s encouragement and love and Expeditions are one of the best ways to build bridges in God’s family!​ Young Life Delhi works in conjunction with Catalyst that seeks to create innovative holistic solutions to the environmental, economic, and educational issues facing Delhi. Young Life and Catalyst have a mission to connect the most vulnerable of Delhi to a new generation of emerging leaders to enrich and empower each other through Christ.


Teams can engage and serve Delhi in a variety of ways. They can serve them at one of their outreach or Campaigner camps or leadership weekends. They will also spend time with kids that are served through Catalyst. There are so many ways to practically serve kids in Delhi through Young Life. 

You’ll also get to experience the beautiful Indian culture, people, food and attractions.
 Young Life Delhi leaders are incredible! 





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"How can you see the world as Christ sees the world, unless you've seen the world Christsees?"

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