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Mexico is a beautiful country filled with many wonders and natural beauty.  It's true riches though, are found in the hearts of its young people.  Young Life Mexico is on a contagious mission to reach every kid around the country and give them the opportunity to know Jesus and grow in their faith.

Currently, Expedition Teams can choose from three unique cities in Mexico where we have leaders on-the-ground and ready to partner with friends:
  • Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Southern Mexico - Young Life began work in Chiapas in 2013.  Known for its coffee fields, mountain forests, and indigenous population, Chiapas is also the poorest state in the country of Mexico.  Young Life is currently focused in the capital city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, where leaders are reaching kids in neighborhoods, schools, and through a variety of creative contact initiatives.  This year, Chiapas has a goal to double the number of clubs and kids reached!  Alongside an exciting and developing group of leaders, Chiapas is eager to partner with others!
  • Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Northern Mexico - Along the border of Arizona lies the beautiful state of Sonora.  Its crown jewel city, Puerto Peñasco, sits right on the cusp of the Baja California Peninsula overlooking the bay.  Young Life's oldest ministry in Mexico, Puerto Peñasco opened in 2008, and current leaders Alberto and Loly have been there since the start.  In the desert, cactus-prevalent environment of Peñaso, national leaders are taking the mission neighborhood by neighborhood to every kid.  Peñasco has a dynamic, growing ministry as years of planting are taking root!
  • San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Central Mexico - Known as the cultural centerpiece to Mexico's "Magical Towns", San Miguel de Allende is our newest work in Young Life.  Founded in 2017, it is led by an energetic leadership team coming into its own in the mission of Young Life.  Currently, San Miguel is taking steps to reach kids in neighborhoods, high school campuses, and at universities.  The team in San Miguel is dreaming big and excited to do it alongside others!
All Expedition Teams serving in Mexico will be involved in meaningful, intentional projects and outreaches benefiting the local community and the long-term vision of Young Life.  Teams will work shoulder to shoulder with national leaders, who will prepare the way and give follow up even after the team has returned.  

We believe that Jesus has given us a Spirit of cooperation and we look forward to serving alongside you in Mexico.​​
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"How can you see the world as Christ sees the world, unless you've seen the world Christ sees?"​​

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