Carrie Fraser

If you would like information on Young Life Expeditions scholarships to the Former Soviet Union, please contact Carrie Fraser.

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Carri​​e Fraser serves as the regional coordinator for Young ​Life Expeditions going to the countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU), with trip opportunities this year to Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova and Russia. Prior to joining Expeditions, she served for seven years ​as the regional administrator and has loved assisting the extraordinary national leaders in the 11 countries in the FSU. After witnessing the fruits of Expeditions, Carrie believes that every U.S. teen and young adult should have the opportunity to experience a service trip to a foreign country.

“Kids come back transformed, with renewed gratefulness for what they have, motivated to serve others and wiser, having been exposed to a different culture.”

Carrie is committed to getting the word out about this amazing ministry and is excited to support Expeditions teams to meet the incredible staff in each country and see their important work. She is especially thrilled to plan trips to the first Young Life camp lo​​cated in Armenia! You can see more about the camp at and learn how you can assist the leaders in building their camp, making it a great place for kids to have fun, hear the Gospel and be encouraged! Other FSU countries offer remarkable trips as well — from English camps in Russia to aiding kids with special needs at camp on the beach in Central Asia. Visit for more information!
Carrie and her son, Michael​

Carrie lives in Colorado Springs and often works from the Young Life Service Center (YLSC). Her son, Michael, is in his 20's living in Fort Collins, Colo., and still loves to share stories of spending time after school at the YLSC and the blessings he has experienced from his deep friendships with FSU leaders.​​​​​​​


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