Serve in Cambodia with Young Life Expeditions

cambodia flag.pngYoung Life leaders in Cambodia have a rich tradition of loving teenagers in their neighborhoods!

Young Life has had a presence in Phnom Penh and Battambang, Cambodia, for more then fifteen years. Young Life leaders are in the local public school classrooms, teaching computer skills and kids are on waiting lists to get itno these classes. They're in the Young Life community centers teaching kids English, guitar, and computer skills​ to help them long term. They also started a city-wide soccer league and run a typical Young Life club, Campaigners and camp. Kids want to be part
of Cambodia Young Life because adults are shining the light of Christ in this beautiful nation!

Teams can serve in a variety of ways in Phnom Penh or Battambang. They'll have opportunities to teach conversational English or perhaps even computer skills, help lead Young Life clubs or do renovation projects in the Young Life community centers or local schools. 
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"How can you see the world as Christ sees the world, unless you've seen the world hrist sees?"​


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