Serve in Bangalore, India, with Young Life Expeditions

India flag.pngYoung Life has been thriving in Bangalore, India over the past ten plus years. Young Life leaders are spending time in the neighborhoods of Bangalore which often include slums where young kids are part of the work force. Young Life leaders are sharing God’s love through contact work, campaigners, club and camp; Bangalore Young Life leaders pour their heart and soul into kids’ lives. They are always looking for fellow friends in Young Life to come and help them with their camps in May or helping them with some of their school partnerships. They also are involved in neighborhood food programs doing all they can for kids all over the city.​
Bangalore typically has outreach and Campaigner camps in April and
May, and would always appreciate teams to help support them. Also, there are many ways for a team to also serve children living in slums in Bangalore, as well as visiting local schools and helping with their after-school program when not serving at the Young Life camp. 

The team will be transported by van and always accompanied by local staff. The team will get a great deal of time with local Young Life leaders and teenagers and learning about their culture as well as have the opportunity to do some fun tourist activities. 

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