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What a perfect location for God to place a camp! Perfectly located along the Marmarik River and just 90 minutes from Yerevan in Artavaz, Armenia, the site was formerly a Young Pioneer Communist training camp. Abandoned after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the existing structures on the property have fallen into disrepair, but most are still stable enough to be renovated.

This past summer , more than 1,900 Armenian kids attended Young Life camps in tents on rented facilities. Much more space is needed as kids are clamoring for the opportunity to get away from the pressures they face. With the completion of the camp, we will be able to offer a camp experience to many more kids from all over Armenia and her neighboring countries! Won't you help us with this amazing project? We all need one another’s encouragement and love, and Expeditions is one of the best ways to build bridges in God’s family.

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We will be arranging for Expeditions teams to go over this summer to support the renovation project and we want to work with your group to provide an amazing trip!

Teams will serve at the camp property and in the local community. You can be assigned work projects such as clearing camp property to create activity fields, helping to remodel dorms or other camp buildings, or working with leaders on ministry projects.

Experience the power of cross-cultural living with the Young Life national team and join in on a fun adventure day with leaders and kids.

Individuals and teams are invited any time between June through October 2014, with costs approximate, based on the project and time you are able to serve. In- country lodging, transportation, meals and project costs for eight or nine days start at $750 (tax-deductible).

Airfare varies We can help by arranging your flights through our affiliated discounted missions travel agency. We supply fundraising support with online tools.

Currently, leaders have made significant inroads in starting active Young Life ministry in Georgia and Azerbaijan.  Given the current political climate in these countries, staff sometimes encounter dangerous conditions while they develop important relationships that will allow Young Life to minister to the youth there.
Lilit and Arman Asatryan are some of the best disciplers we have and the leaders they are bringing along are among the finest we have in the FSU.  Just within the past few months, we have two new clubs in Yerevan, and a new club in a large school for the blind.  Here are Lee Ann and Jon Williams' reflections of their time with them.

"Jon and I had an awesome time at camp.  God is truly amazing--we spent a wonderful time with the leaders for the new club at the school for the disabled and the school for the blind.  We were able to advise and pray alongside them as they dealt with problems at camp.  We feel like we gained so much more than we gave.  They brought 70 kids to camp and while some were club kids, most were completely new to Young Life.  All came to know the Lord with the exception of one girl, Nona, who says she needs more time.  Even the kids who were having problems had a change of heart.  The last day of camp was pure celebration in true Armenian style.  Dancing, singing, was like a wedding!  Arman and Lilit are true to the Young Life approach of incarnational evangelism.  They lead through serving and loving kids.  It is truly unique and beautiful to see.  Lilit said that they believe to be a leader, you must be a servant.  Their hearts, minds and souls belong to the Lord and they are totally committed to serving Him and kids."

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