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Young Life’s key national staff person there, Simon Okiria, began reaching out to lost kids in his village near Pallisa Town in February of 2005, with team of 15 trained volunteer leader, where almost immediately, their weekly club quickly grew to between 200-300 kids. The town of Pallisa, has a population of 20,000, scattered across the surrounding 10 km area, where the main industry there is schooling. The village swells to around 40,000 when school is in. Kids come from miles away to go to one of the 20 or so secondary schools in the area, where they board in a hut rented to them by the local villagers. Imagine a 12- or 13-year-old coming by him or herself, to live in a mud and grass hut with one or two others, fending entirely for themselves while going to school. Simon and one of his key leaders, James Amuriat, have put together and organized a Football Club to occupy the youth in the community during long evenings. Pallisa is in a rural area with extremely limited public transportation, where some of the volunteer leaders here will walk barefoot as far as up to 20 miles to love on kids.
​​Teams typically will have the opportunity to participate in serving Young Life Uganda camps, helping prepare with leaders and serve as work crew at for their outreach camp. There may also be needs to serve at leader training or campaigner camp. Teams will also have the opportunity to visit  schools for children with special needs, local hospitals, community centers and other places Young Life leaders connect with kids.  
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